Written by Jo.

Lent is a time for repentance and reflecting on our own selves. In a way this difficult situation can bring us closer to the essence of it. While staying in isolation we are doing a lot more than we think. Right now it is the best way of taking care of others.

We worry about the health of our elders and the well-being of our families. For me the ultimate way of “loving your neighbour” is protecting them. And by limiting our freedom we are giving the vulnerable and the people working to make the world go round the protection they need. But more than that, without being distracted by certain influences, we are able to reflect on our minds, bodies and souls.

Things that we might not have the headspace for on normal days, things that we set aside for later, can find space just now. Practising patience, repentance and dedication to our shared goals is key in this time. Our minds are occupied with news about how the world is sick but we must find peace in God, while praying and spreading awareness.

Trusting in God will help us overcome not only the pandemic but also the anxieties we feel about it and the time we spend apart from society. More now than ever, I see people taking care of each other and I hope we can continue that even after the quarantines, tests and social distancing are over.

This Lent #lovethyneighbour translates to #stayhome.

For up to date information on UK guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

For prevention and protection advice from the NHS:

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