Take some time to wind down before you wind up for the weekend. Kick back and soak up this thought-provoking reflection led by one of the team . . .

‘Many flying insects are annoying, but this one is not. It does not sting like a wasp, suck your blood like a mosquito or land on your food like a horsefly. It is the stunt plane of the insect world. Its four wings move independently of each other so it can fly freely. Like the butterfly, this insect too had a lava stage before it grew wings. It spends three years underwater as a nymph. Afterwards the insect cracks open from its outer shell and released to fly.

This is a dragonfly. Like the dragon fly, we stay under the water for a long time. Our water is our struggles, our bitterness, our negativity. These can push us so deep into the water that we cannot reconnect with ourselves and our strengths.

Not only do we need to reconnect with ourselves but also with God. He is always there to listen to us, guide us and forgive us when we ask.’

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.” #Psalm 18:16′

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