Happy Pi Day! And no, that wasn’t a misspelling!

Pi Day is celebrated by mathematicians around the world on the 14th March every year. In Britain, we might write it as 14.3, but in other parts of the world this day of the year reads as 3.14. You might remember this from school looking something like this: π. This is pi rounded to the first two digits and it has been found to have 2.7 trillion digits so far, but pi is said to be infinite.

But why is it so special?

Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter which basically means pi gives circles their unique uniform shape. No matter how big or small the circle, it is always just an expression of πr^2. And as we all know, circles go on forever… just like pi… just like God?
Whoa, whoa, that’s a bit of a jump.


But just like pi is the one thing that gives circles their unique shape, God is the one that gives us life, gives us our uniqueness, gives us our purpose. And like pi is infinite, God is infinite. God is and has infinite power, infinite knowledge, infinite love for all of humanity… to the point where it can be difficult to fathom. Where mathematicians have spent hundreds of years trying to calculate all the digits of pi and make sense of its importance in the world–in circles, in spheres, in architecture, even in nature–the Church have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of years trying to help us understand God’s will for all of us here on Earth… and for both cases the knowledge is constantly changing and growing and evolving. We may never completely know why and how God works, we may never completely understand why certain things happen when and how they do, but we can keep trying our hardest to understand as difficult as it may be. It may take years to understand God’s calling for us in life–and we may never fully do so–but we must always remember than God’s plan for us has been carefully constructed to be perfect for us… just like pi to a circle. 😉

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