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come on a gap year adventure with just youth


building global connections between communities, cultures & faiths


nurturing young peoples' gifts and talents through social, cultural, moral, and spiritual development.


committed to serving the needs & boosting the voices of the next generation


all our work is based on our core values of equality, equity, justice & compassion

Our Mission

At Just Youth, we believe that the young people of today will change the world. With the power of knowledge, we want to enable young people to grow in love, faith & global justice. Through a series of interactive workshops, high energy activities, and creative liturgy, we want to equip young people with the tools to make informed choices and build a better future.


Our Team

Jo TfG Volunteer
Josué Spiritan Seminarian
Isabel Volunteer
Fabias Spiritan Seminarian
Theresa Theresa
Fr Jude Spiritan Priest
Fr Desmond Spiritan Priest
Fr David Fr David
Fr Patrick Spiritan Priest
Kathi TFG Volunteer
Shannon Volunteer

What We Do

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Newsletter: Christmas 2018
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T H E D R A G O N F L Y.
Take some time to wind down before you wind up for the weekend. Kick back and soak up this thought-provoking reflection led by one of...
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Happy Pi Day!
Happy Pi Day! And no, that wasn’t a misspelling! Pi Day is celebrated by mathematicians around the world on the 14th March every year. In...
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Random Acts of Kindness
Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Every day our belief in a better future is strengthened through the kindness and compassion shown through the...
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A Day Without Water in Peru – a reflection on World Water Day
“The communities we visited were on the outskirts of Lima, some of them new settlements that had only undergone major development over the past few...
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Just Say Y.E.S.

Become a gap year volunteer starting Aug/Sept 2018.