just youth provide a framework for young people to explore their social and spiritual identity


just youth witnesses to young people using our core values of equality, justice, and compassion.


just youth have a commitment to fulfil our mission of serving the needs of young people.


just youth nurtures the seed bed of young peoples gifts and talents through social, cultural, moral, and spiritual development.
schools work with us in Manchester and beyond
young people get the just youth experience every year
annual contact hours means constant youth engagement
mission run by a passionate team from around the world

Our Mission

“Broadening horizons today for a just tomorrow.”

At Just Youth, we believe that the young people of today are the generation that have the power to change the world for the better. We believe that young people should have the right to knowledge of justice, equality, and diversity.

Through a series of interactive workshops, high energy activities, and creative liturgy, we aim to broaden minds and empower this generation with the knowledge to make informed choices towards a more just future.

Our Team

Jessica Spiritan Volunteer
Fr. Desmond Spiritan Priest
Fr. David Spiritan Priest
Tien Volunteer
Caroline TFG Volunteer
Sophie CAFOD Volunteer
Lizzie CAFOD Volunteer
Fr. Patrick Spiritan Priest

Our Services

Our Blog

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Familiar with Just Youth?

If you've met us on retreat or another event before, it's great to see you again! Check out Our Gallery to see if you're there, tell us what you thought of us over at Testimonials, or see What's On at Just Youth!